Nepal is one of the landlocked countries among the members of SAARC Nepal as the gateway to the famous Himalayan beauty but not only in the Himalayas but also the capital of Kathmandu (Kathmandu) sits in a variety of sights. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and the largest metropolitan area where about 1 million people live. If you want to travel to Nepal, you must first come to Kathmandu and give the first dharna. Many people do not want to put the city like Kathmandu first on the list when it comes to seeing the mountains, but Kathmandu, with its traditions, commerce, various architectural patterns, is brilliant in its glory.

Kathmandu sightseeing

Pashupatinath Temple: Pashupatinath Temple is the most famous of the Hindu holy and famous temples. Pashupatinath is set up to serve Shiva and in addition to Nepal, many people from India come here every year to worship Shiva. There are various saints of nature to be seen here.
Swayambhunath Stupa: If you list the famous Buddhist temples in Nepal, there will be between 3 and 3 Swayambhunath. It is located on the top of the hill to the west of Kathmandu where you will have to cross the stairs made of multiplied stone. Of course, before going up the stairs, you will catch sight of the monkey. The monkey has been living for a long time on the Chattar and near it. The Nepalese celebrate the holy angel as the monkey. Their idea was born of such monkeys from the limestone of the head of Buddha Deity Manjushri and they have been here ever since.
This temple is one of the oldest temples in Nepal. Its existence was discovered in the beginning of the fifth century. Hopefully, no one could do anything to say that the earthquake of 20 did. The temple is mostly heavy with heavy tourists, so 9am to 5pm is the best time to visit the temple itself. Among the parts of the temple are the Buddha Amideva Park, the stupa or pillar on the west, the stairs to the east. The temple is visited by a fixed fee and if the local priest gives a different fee, he gives you an idea of ​​the temple and take part in their religious rituals.
Bauddhanatha stack: thamela 7 km from the Buddhist stupa or a stack of (Boudhanath Stupa) Note, however, places of tourists to Nepal. It is one of the largest stupas in Asia. It is so large that it can be seen from far away.
Kopan Monastery: Kopan Monastery Kathmandu is a place like a hidden diamond. This is where Tibetan saints come to meditate. From Kopan Monastery, Kathmandu city Puerto Purana can have a 3 degree view. Not many people were aware of this place before, but now after the hype, the place is well-respected by tourists for its architectural beauty.
Kathmandu Darbar Square, Patan, Bhaktapur: The ancient side of Kathmandu is built around the Darbar Square, located at Basantapur, south of Thamel. Until the nineteenth century, the king of Nepal and his family lived here. The place is so magnificent and a testimony to the tradition that UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in the 5th. In addition to the palace, many Hindu and Buddhist temples of the 12th century are found here.
The Darbar Square (Kathmandu Durbar Square) is just 5 meters away from Thumbel. There are plenty of pigeons that add different sweetness to the trip. In the Darbar Square there are white bhairab or Seto bhairab, Jagannath temple, Telugu Temple, Indrapur temple, Mahendeshwar temple, unfortunately the south side of temples including Rajprasad was severely damaged due to severe earthquake. Yet even with its present remains, it is possible to estimate its former beauty. Currently, the price of Durbar Square tickets for renovation work is high, but hope is still in the reach of SAARC citizens.
There are two other Durbar Square near Kathmandu Valley which have historical significance in Patan and Bhaktapur. Although the earthquake did damage both of these places, it was not as severe as Darbar Square.
Thamel: Thamel is the tourist hub of Kathmandu. Thousands of hotels, souvenir shops, hiking shops, restaurants, bars are sitting here to give a glimpse of what life is like. Rows of shops and ferries are arranged in a variety of sidewalks in the hope of attracting tourists here from morning till midnight. Thumbnail Marg is the main road in the area which is decorated with colored flags. Here is the sound of the Singing Bowl and the smell of incense smoke. Mandala Street is another street in Thummel that is famous for its bookstore, coffee shop. If you want from Thumbel you can buy Gorkha knives, Singing Bowl, Pashmina sheet, Mandala wall paint and many more.
Garden of Dreams: The Garden of Dreams or the dream garden in Kaiser Mahal in Kathmandu. This is a neo classical garden. The garden was built in 122 and its design matches all modern European gardens. This place attracts tourists to see the architectural views and the tree trunks.
Singha Durbar (Singha Durbar): neo-classical, pelediyana and create a blend of European architectural style is located in central Kathmandu palace Singha Durbar Singh Rana dynasty or a palace.
Asan Bazar: Asan Bazar or Asan Bazar is a market for fresh vegetables and fruits in Nepal. Everything from home-made local drinks to rakshi to various spices, locally known fruits are available here. Every day, farmers come from outside Kathmandu to sell their produce. Asan Tolle acts as a supermarket outside of the city that is able to add a unique dimension to the tour, from the view point of view of local goods and people. Besides Asan Toll, there are two temples called Annapurna and Krishna who are famous for their structure and location.

Perfect time to visit Kathmandu

October and November are the perfect time to visit Kathmandu. At this time the weather is dry but cold is less than other periods, it is the beginning of winter. As the sky is clear, it is easy to get around and the preparation for trekking is well taken. It is good not to visit Kathmandu in September because it can be difficult for the monsoon. Even if the weather is dry till April, then it is good winter but not snow in Kathmandu and sometimes the temperature is said to be zero degrees. If you do not like the crowds or want to travel at low cost after the season, between March to April or September is a good time to travel to Kathmandu.

How to go

Traveling from Bangladesh to Nepal and traveling to Kathmandu, you have to cut the Tribhuvan Airport ticket. The cost of the coming ticket will cost from Tk 4,000 to Rs 22,000. If you can spend a ticket in the first part, you will have to wear something like Tk. However, flights to Kathmandu are often booked. In this case, private airlines provide good service.
Traveling to Nepal by the road will reduce the cost considerably. In that case you have to get a transit visa in India where the port name will be Changarabandha or Raniganj. There is no need for a visa fee in Nepal either here or on the plane unless you want to travel twice in the same year. SR Transport is serving Nepal Bus directly on Bye Road. If you want to go to the border of India, you can go from there to Kankavita in Nepal. It will cost around 1 to 3 thousand rupees.

Where to stay

There is no better place than Thumbel to stay, as there are numerous hotels / backpacker hostels in the entire Thamel lane. A good double room budget hotel is available from Rs. There is also a single room hotel at Rs. If the budget is a bit higher for 5 rupees or more, there are many good hotels with deluxe room meals. However, Thamel's hotels and their bargains and appearance are so varied that it is possible to get a good hotel at a cheaper price without booking in advance, and checking out a few hotels on foot.

What to eat

They prefer rice dishes as the local food of Nepal. So wherever you go in Kathmandu, it is impossible not to eat rice. With rice, fish, chicken, salad, raita, vegetables and papaya are in the plate. Nepal is a winter country and Momo is circulated there. There are numerous momo shops in Thamel and other places in Kathmandu. Besides, there are different flavors of tea and coffee. They also make tea from flower petals and sell it on the street. Also, modern food is now available in Kathmandu.


Thumbnail is the most suitable place to shop in Kathmandu. Because there are so many shops and their beauty products that are not found anywhere else in Kathmandu. However, it is important to note that as the tourist area here, prices will be unusually high. So the loss of a purchase will depend entirely on how well you know the price and how much you know.

Travel expenses in Kathmandu

The cost of traveling to Kathmandu can be significantly reduced if a team or two joins. Traveling to Kathmandu and other sights (such as Pokhara) will cost around Tk. 8,000 to Rs. In this case, it is possible to save around 3-5 thousand taka. It is worth noting that the viewing areas in Kathmandu are fairly close. Apart from this, the temple tickets for the citizens of SAARC countries are available at about one third less than the foreigners. The dish is available in Nepal for Rs 5-8. So it is easy to travel to Kathmandu to cover the costs of eating and traveling.

Kathmandu Travel Tips

  • When boarding a flight from Bangladesh to Kathmandu, the boarding officer tells you that if you can take a plane or a row of seats, you can see from the Himalayan IcePic before arriving at the Kathmandu airport. Likewise, if you want to get there, you can reserve the right-hand seat.
  • Nepalese are extremely hospitable and helpful. Since they are Hindu states, they should respect their religious traditions as much as possible while visiting the temple or visiting their temples.
  • Money exchange rates are higher than money exchanges outside the airport without paying the money.
  • But if you want to buy the mobile SIM from the airport is good.
  • Since Nepal is a cold country, it is best to know the hot water system before taking a hotel.
  • Passport, photocopy of passport, color passport size photo, return ticket and hotel booking information (can take a long time), Dollar Endorsement, NOC for Student Job and Student ID for On Arrival Visa.
Some Required Phone Numbers : Police (Emergency) - 1, Tourist Police - 120, Department of Immigration - 1224/1222, Night Taxi - 1222, Ambulance (Red Cross) - 1222, Ambulance - 12
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