To be big, there will be a big dream, Online BD

To be big, there will be a big dream

To be big, there will be a big dream, Online BD

On the way to light on the path of 'Pritrira' slogane Youth of youth held in Rupganj upazila of Narayanganj yesterday. The participants read oaths saying 'no' to violence and drugs.

Under this program, the programs are organized for the day-long programs at Government Murpara College, under the 'Sundrity' project of the Foundation for Prothom Alo Friendship, Kishore Ligha and People. The festival was inaugurated by organizing the balloon at the college premises at 11pm. Then, in the opening ceremony of the college's Bir Pratik Gazi auditorium, the college teacher Abu Jafar Mohammad Saleh, dramatist and journalist Abdul Momen, senior colleague of Pavel Mahitul Alam, youth college assistant secretary Hosne Ara Begum spoke.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the cultural stage began with a dance program for the children of Green Haven International School. Apart from this, the students of the organization also recited music and poetry. Later, the participants gave inspiring comments among the youngsters, To the youth, he said, 'I am not so brilliant, I know that. But never disappointed. It's just hard work to do, that's it - that's it. "He said," To have a big dream. Knowing your weaknesses will work to overcome it. Otherwise, the dream will be a dream. '

Mahitul Alam said, "We came to talk about harmony. We see violent incidents everywhere or anywhere. This violence is never ours. We do not want any violence, we will be tolerant. We will not be in favor of extremism. We will never spread violence. We will be on the road of light, with love. We want people from all over the world to be at peace. '

In addition, workshops on the use of 'safe internet' on girls in college were organized on the risky Internet usage. Thousands of young people took part in the workshop. Pavel Mahitul Alam conducted the workshop.
In the second phase of the event, the magician Rajiv Basak impressed the young and the audience by displaying magic.

In the workshop, six-month-old teenage light-free coupons were distributed among the fifty-winner participants in the quiz.

Then the lyricist and journalist Kabir Bokul handed over the book of 100 book teachers Abu Jafar Mohammad Salehar to the Book Club in Murpara College. Later he made several songs in the song. Kabir Bakul reads the oath of youth not present in the violence, not drugs.
Then came to the stage Avanti Sindi (Saregampa), Parvez and De Rockstar Shuvo. They have been singing after one song. Participants are excited and excited.

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