The forest is in the air

The forest is in the air

The forest is in the air, Online BD

Ghamata suddenly surprised everyone and the hijalgachhatata of the forest edge of the forest.

The rest of the people already present in the fireball were very upset.

Huhu said, 'Ghama, you are very bizarre, hijlgaye got embroiled in the chat, do not see here sitting in our respective grief. Do not you know that he can not accept you at all? '

He said, 'I am sorry, I can not imagine, did you get the pain?'

He said, 'Why do you get pain? Do not talk nonsense. But if you're around me, I feel a little uncomfortable, there is a little petition. Come on, come and sit down, sit down. No matter how tired you are, you are ours. '

The rest agreed, 'Yes, he is ours.'

Huhu said, 'Ghama, we were discussing an emergency here. Even though you came late, I think it should be told to you. There is a big danger coming to us. '

Ghama looked surprised and said, 'Danger! What are you saying What is the downfall, what will happen now? '

The repression rebuked the tears and said, 'Do not be so upset, say the dangers before!'

The paraphrase always speaks in poetry, so he is very dear to the poets.

Huhui said, 'The danger was, in fact, our little lilua sitting in the forest area this morning. The high trembling whirl was passing through the forest side of the field at that time. Seeing him, I said, see how much you can perform, you can see tonight.

Lilua, with a soft and soft mind, said with a cry of crying in support of the words, "Yes, that's it."

After gutting out of the hinge, he jumped off the hinge, and looked at the others and said, 'What can be seen tonight?'

Antarikha said, 'It means that Vortex has threatened us, he is thinking of attacking our forest.'

Lou said in a rage, 'Do not attack, do not think I will leave him.' Lu's head is always hot.

Talking about the cold cold, you said. Once the whirlpool enters the forest, then all the londvand will make. Whatever strength we have, we can not survive. His body is huge, more authentic, everything swallows. We will lose easily in the fight against him. '

He was trying to understand this for a long time, sitting in one corner at Kankaon. The shaking voice said, "But ... but the vortex tried to attack us many times before, but I could not."

'Yes, could not,' said Huhu, 'because, there are dense bamboo clusters, wild climbers and walls of woods on the three sides of our forest. He did not try to cut the legs and legs, once tried and torn into the bamboo, and then did not try again. And the rest of this enclosing part was between the jal and the Hijal wall. So could not even come by this. But we got tired of seeing two people coming in this direction yesterday. They steal forest trees by stealing. They were talking about cutting the hijal gachas.

Everyone was shocked to hear this.

'Then our wall will be wasted, what a terrible!'

'Yes, it's terrible. And they think they will do the work tonight. It got a whirlwind. So now we are looking for opportunities to enter our forest! '

'So what do we do now?' Cried liluya kado throat said.

'We need to think about that! Then all of them have to decide what to do! '

In many cases, they did not find any way, finally they were sitting in the wall of the Hijal.

At one time, the moon rose on the face of the forest with white color flowing around. Hijal swelling of the swelling, on the other day, lilua spread the mind-scented smell in the forest with her. But today he does not want her.

In the deep night, the thief Raghu and his nephew Boleu appeared in the forest with a small nose. With their trees cut down. Huhura saw in front of the forest, in the middle of the field there was a tremendous windfall. When the wall breaks and swells and swells away all the inside.

Raghu took the shoulder and took it from the boat. The blueprint will come out of the hijala, it begins to measure.

The whole thing was lou had been holding for a long time. At last, his temperament became very hot, he did not have to keep his head cold. Goon started getting angry and got lost in the face of the goata.

Luna's goat wasted in the winter due to the cold winter night.

He said to Raghuv, 'Mama, it looks hot.'

Raghu said, 'You do not know, I do not want to do anything, I will take a little warm.'

Lun's look soon after Konkan also jumped on the forgetfuls. In the coolness of Kanakan, the bumblebee shakes up to the bone.

Bullu got upset and said to his uncle, 'Mama, now it's cold!'

Raghu shrugged and said, 'Mashka, this hot, this winter, the trick to scam, do not you?'

Archbishop continued to move forward. And tastes to tie up. So the animals who are laughing to them are very scared, they have a fear of them, a Bengali writer wrote:

'Do not go to the forest, or tree in the tree

Suddenly, the laughs of the rook!

Anchored to the tornado, it was a stupid laugh, and a silly smile of silent honey. With this laugh, his roughe's mind suddenly got scared, and asked, 'Do not let him down again.'

'Oonara?' The bluff smile stopped to wonder.

'What is the name of the Shulukpur, who is the mass of people, are they?'

Crying cry said in a voice, 'Bhoot or mama?'

Raghu got up and said, 'Is there to bring this name? Be careful!

After a while Mama Raghur suddenly feels hot, then again cold and then laughing at the laugh. They do not have anymore left to understand.

They could not understand what they would do, but they also wanted to do something. Suddenly they surround them, and do not understand what the huhu is going to be troubled by Hizal's wall.

That is why a strange situation is created, Raghu and Bulu noticed, how surrounded them, silent, silent. But the branches of the trees are moving, it looks like someone is shaking with a pulse. They are sure that there is a blame in the forest.

At such a time, the guts suddenly fall on their necks and shout their hair, as often as they hit and hit the urban windows. They hurriedly screamed in it and ran off the boat and ran towards the boat.

After this, the equation goes away, the other day, thinking about the beauty of the night and the moon, but today it seems that everyone should do something like that. However, they fell into the boat by their side and went into their boat. The light can not work properly on the night light, it is of course known to all, that its rhythm will be inaccurate. The poet also said that one of his songs-

Today everyone is alive in the forest on the ocean

Today in the spring of the drunk!

When the boat gets absorbed in the boat, the boat wanders on one goat.

Raghu and Bhulu appear to be more alarmed in front of the eyes. They jumped out of the river and sailed to the river and swept away the river. Then, after reaching the waist up, 'You go and eat, go!', It goes through the jungle.

And so long, sitting outside the forest front, the evil whirlwind waiting to see the things turned around in the rage. Then chase the anger and follow the raghudas.

Joy in the forest again comes back.

The forests and the huhu roam around the journey of the furti, with the help of the lamps, hanging on their feet, lilua flirting with the scent of flowers, Luaye's head is cooled, and with the help of the laughing with the story.

And after a brief recitation of a song, he looked at the luminous moon and tied the song.

Everyone in the forest was fascinated by listening to the song.

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