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Mahmud is moving ahead from the north side of the stage. Around once saw the surroundings. No, the panel member from the Volunteer - everyone is busy clapping with the audience. Nobody sees that going forward. She kept her hand in the left pocket without knowing her. There is no relief or relief in metallic touch, no matter which one finds it, it can not be easily understood by its expressionless face.

Hassan Master on stage. Shaheed Smriti Vidyapith teacher A small man is a person of respect for all the people of this city. There is no one here to call his family. He lives in a storied house near the city's last head. After being taught for the long forty-four years today, he is now willing to retire. So in the afternoon of December afternoon, the people of the city have appeared in addition to present and former teachers and students.

In the planning, Hassan Master stepped forward in front of the stage, Mahmud forwarded the crowd. In her hands, the iPhone Six S Mahmud, wearing a cream-colored suit on the phone's camera, went ahead in front of the stage, and stood in front of the students, there is no doubt about it. And, like ten former students, the fascinating expression is in his eyes. Who can understand his real purpose!


Master standing in the middle of the stage. Wearing Garr Punjabi, the red-green northern from the school, attached to his shoulder.

He began to say with a straightforward voice, "I do not seem to be profitable in the country or the ten if I say how nimble I am when I am outcast. I love how much I love this school, and I can never say anything. But what can I say today? Let's say a story. '

A curved smile, called 'typical Hassan Master!' In mind, smile smile Mahmud Saying that Mahmud went out of his own way a day before 11 years ago. Class four, section b. Hassan Chowdhury was calling roll in the first day of the year. Looking at his face, he was astonished by 'FourTwo, Mahmud Mondal'. From the title, did he understand his family identity? Neither did you ever ask. When all other teachers have to read, why not read, and tied in the boundaries, he said at the beginning of the class, "What is the benefit of opening the first day and reading books?" It should be kept for the rest of the year. But what can I say today? Rather, tell a story. "Yes, Mahmud was very impressed like everyone else. But that charm took time to cut very little. On returning home when Sardar uncle started talking about this great teacher in class class, the ten-year-old little Mahmud started to learn, then he learned that it was a ruthless truth. From then on Mahmud's waiting turn, the turn to create yourself.

Hassan Chowdhury quotes Mahmood's flirtation He is saying, 'I have come here in the city seven to forty years ago. I have not been born in this city. My childhood was spent on one another in Padmapara. But why did I spend here forty seven years of life? Maybe he will answer the story today. '

The jaw became hardened Mahmud. Hassan Master will tell a story about forty seven years ago?

'When I first came to the city, there was not so much good clothes I had. One shirt and lungi, the fire box on my head, the clay on the hand and foot. There was a rifle on the shoulder and four very brave my companions were my companions. One of them is reading a young man-poetry of Shahed-shameless looks, writing poetry, his face appearing in a chat with a gentle smile. The dense forest of the city's last head is then our dormitory. And this is your schoolhouse - this is the camp of the Pakistani occupation army. They run operations from here in six nearby cities. Four of us came to hide the box in the jungle and make the city to be reckoned. '

Mahmud takes a look at surveying once the clock. He is sweating his forehead, a little fear what he is eating? He tries to remember the words of the trainer, 'If you are afraid of the death of this death ...'

But no, the theatrical statement of Hasan Chowdhury brings him back from the thought. The words of the person's words have to emphasize. He is saying, "The ban from the camp to our home was on us. But when Shahed said that his eldest sister had a daughter, a week ago, why should I be allowed as a commander, why should I allow it. I do not regret any decision of life without this decision. Shahed was caught on the night that night Razakars Mandal informed the Pakistani army about the arrival of Shahdev, to know his house. Saheed and all the family, again, say, the Pakistani invaders, killing one and a month, including a child.

The 'Razakar Mondal' heard his hand became confounded by Mahmud. Your grandfather's name is so hateful to hear someone say ... Oops! Of course, as long as the city was there, I did not remember the name 'Mandal' with the name of the people, but I did not remember it.

Meanwhile, Hasan Masters says, 'The next story I told many times. The story of the victory of Hasan Bahini is known to all. Right after one day we used to attack the army of the Pak army camp. After the long twenty-six-hour war, this is the story of declaring the city free zone, all of you know about it. I remember we did not win the city following the capture of the city. The death of Shahed, the death of one-month-old child, we were surrounded by death. Shortly after the war, we ran away to the house of Shahed, where the body of the freedom fighter was still there. They were buried in the presence of our fifteen people.

Mahmoud is becoming restless inside-the-inside Hassan Chowdhury will tell the story of how many victories? While listening to the stories of this victory, the eyes have been destroyed, the dude has been proud, Mahmud has taken training in a remote mountain camp. The only story that chased him from his childhood. Hassan Chowdhury, who was standing in front of his grandfather, was shot dead. Hassan Chowdhury shot his grandfather in front of everyone in the house and stood in the courtyard. He clearly remembered that many people in this city looked down as bad for his family. She did not see the face of wealth since childhood. When the mother sent him to the big uncle, there was also the persecution of the lack. Just like the angel had emerged like the commander. His trainer. The commander assured him to be strong, gave arms training. Mahmud has learned from training that how important it is to establish a right doctrine rather than a vain survival. The commander's words are playing in the head, 'You do not fear. As your father gave his own life to defend his ideals, you will also get caught. Remember that your work will not affect you, your work will affect people. People will remember your work. Now the action time. Are you ready? '

Hassan Chowdhury, who brought Mahmud back to reality, said, "The city where so many martyr's blood is mixed, standing in the chest of the city, when people talk of violence, killing each other, I am very scared. The intellectual eye shade boy reading our poems, who died for the country before seeing half of life, does not he sigh through the city? I know that my duty is to the whole country. But as many times as I thought I would leave this city and go somewhere else, I remember the daughter of Shahed's newborn girl. I have repeatedly felt that I can not let her die unnecessarily, so I wanted to do something for the people here from your city. "


A cold stream flowing through Mahmud's spine. The boat in the city's canal that he used for the first time, he remembers the canal. The uncle's uncle's face is flowing in the eye. Whatever is beautiful in the world, whatever it feels like, it is gathering it all in its mind. What happens when death comes forward? Is it all too important to die?

Hassan Master said, 'I say, you will not be afraid. Shahed, Shaheed's family like yours, this cityman, three hundred thousand people in the whole country killed their own lives to protect this country, that's what you hold. With the arms we resisted the Pakistanis. Now with your love of love, resist the violence, terrorism, extremism through the rule. The mountains of iniquity, death can not be allowed to continue. Talk about what you and your neighbors do not think, violence can not be any solution. '

Mahmud's head revolves around. 30 minutes at 5pm clock. A handcuffed hand will fly around, the spectacular eyes of the spectators sitting in the eye of death will start. In Mahmud's commander's words, there is no powerful weapon more than fear and death. But the man standing in front of him is trapped in any magical atmosphere. Suddenly, he seems to be not death, but to remain alive is the greatest power of man.

Mahmud flies over the heads of a flag

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