The story of an Oman expatriate । একজন ওমান প্রবাসীর জীবন কাহিনী ।

I'm an Oman resident. Name of Awlad Hossain, age 22

My country's home Gazipur. After graduating from secondary and Pubail Model College from Kaliganj Chapayer High School, I came to Oman. I have traveled abroad with many dreams.

About two lakh 70 thousand taka is spent on the visa and tickets to Oman. Come here and see the free visa no company's visa. And many problems in the free visa in Oman. Only those who come know it. The real reason is that you can not work outside of the free visa here. If caught by the police, prison will be sent to the country. Even after three months of coming to work, I did not get the job.

The name of the Oman that brought me is Masood. His job is that, bringing people to lies with lies from the country. And after coming here all the reverse. The three months I was sitting without work, I did not give proper food.

Then one day one worked with a supply company. Said two months later to pay the wages. Anyway, I used to look forward. It is a lot of hard work, I do such things in life. What to do Tension of money.

So two months passed. When coming from Bangladesh, I gave five riyals for the cost of the work, it was a month left. Two months later I got the call for the salary. Masood will give next month. Thus, the next month said that six months passed, did not give me a single penny.

Now I say and do not work. What is the profit? Trouble itself, creditors come to the country's home and ask for money. It's a lot of trouble.

Then pay one month's salary after seven months. Then he left the company's job to the Masud. Now he gives food, there is no name in the day, no payday. That's how my life is going

I am not alone, there are many other Bangladeshi people with me in the same condition. Please let me know these things so that people know how hard we are. And some Bengalis in our country are exploiting us, they open their masks.

I pray to Allah very much that Allah should judge these wicked people. We work at fifty degrees in this country and do not get a single trick. We are more trouble than we are in trouble, our parents, because we have come out of debt by paying a lot of money in Bangladesh.

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