Bangladesh Cricket History 1986

Bangladesh Cricket History

Bangladesh Cricket Team

About 1986: Bangladesh is only 15 years old, and the age of cricket in this country is only 1 year. Asia Cup to play, but there is no money to buy a plane ticket. ACC wanted to pay the money, Bangladesh was not convinced, but it was by bus. We do not have gymnasium for exercise. They were tired of exercising in 11 foreign countries. At that time saline needs to be eaten. But there is no money to buy foreign saline. Saline is made by local means of salt. How much laughing at the Pakistani media about this The next day, playing with a strong Pakistani. So do not sleep at night, the dreamer 11 people. In the morning, 11 people were happy to go to the Practice in the field. But no one came to Pakistan. During the toss, Pak Captain Imran Khan called out to Captain Nannu of Bengal from outside the field. Imran's objection, what do you gain with you? What do you want to say? Bat or say? Nannu said, we want to toss. Match referee also pressed Imran Then Imran said, then here's the toss. I will not go through the pitch to the ground. Finally, Toss was out of the field. Bangladesh came to bat. Imran removed his original bowlers and bowled with part-time bowlers, and we got wickets for 1. The commentator laughed and said, "If the Pakistanis' wife used to say it today, they would definitely get wickets." 2015 year Cricket has long been closed in Pakistan. Sponsors are leaving. Their academies are being closed. Jim, they now use gymnasiums in Dubai for practice. They do not have the money to buy their tickets before coming to Bangladesh. Who will pay the ticket? Bangladesh came forward The country which laughs about not having the money to buy a little saline, that country gave 2.5 million dollars! Captain Mashrafe did the same at the playground, which was done 29 years ago by Pakistan. Nasir, Sabbir, Riyadh were telling the main bowlers not to bowl. And Pakistan got wickets in hand. Atahara of Bangladesh is sitting in the commentary and Amir Sohel of Pakistan The two played on this day on 29 years ago, both of which were openers of both the countries. But history does not match. Today, athahara but did not smile like this, as the Pakistani commentator laughs 29 years ago However, the Pakistani player Ameer Sohel, who was sitting beside him, could not stay quiet after the game. He said, "I can see the color of joy in the eyes of the Bangladeshi audience, the joy that has escaped Pakistan in the distant past, that joy has returned from Islamabad to Dhaka." The country is moving forward day by day, their infrastructure, their economy. " On 29 years ago, a Pakistani man spoke on behalf of Bangladesh, Wasim Akram He told the Pakistani media not to write anything bad about Bangladesh. He said that the good days of Bangladesh will come, that day you have to be ashamed. Today, Tamim Iqbal did the same thing after 29 years. "It's a bad time for cricket, once we have lost many matches, we have learned to lose, my best wishes, Pakistan will come back very soon." There is a word in English, "History repeats itself" that would be true in such a way, Do not think that the debts of history will be repaid in this way.

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